Shimla Kasauli a weekend destination popular in India

Shimla Kasauli a weekend destination popular in India

This is Part two of Trip Experience – Delhi Chandigarh Kasauli Shimla Kufri, Chail, Delhi Trip friend. In the

earlier part we have seen, how we reached to Kasauli and our stay in Garkhal, HemKund hotel.

Now our next objective was to see the best places to see in Kasauli. So here the plan was. We took local bus

from Garkhal bus stop and reached to Kasauli Main Market.  It hardly took 10 minutes and 5 Rs. per

person. The frequency of the buses is normal but some time it low.

Kasauli Morning View
Kasauli Morning View

You can also take Cabs, any other 4 wheeler’ there if are single, double, triplet you can choose local bus else it’s

depend upon your choice, requirement and availability.

We dropped at the bus stop where other cabs are also stayed. On Google there are many places where it showing

Sunset point, sunrise point, the famous church and Man-Ki-Point etc and for visiting those places you

have to book a cab or any 4 wheeler vehicles.  The cabs booking fair was Rs. 200 to just drop at entry gate

of Man-Ki-Point, else they will ask for Rs. 600-700 per vehicle for complete the places.

According to us you can enjoy these places by walk, no bookings of cabs are required because all these places are

in just 4 kms. If you are single, double, in college friend groups, couple, newly married couple you can enjoy the

fiza, weather by walking.

Best Places to see in Kasauli

1: Man-Ki-Point

Most of the people must misspell it as Monkey Point , the correct pronunciation of Man-Ki-Point is

(मन की पॉइंट).  This come under the jurisdiction of Indian Air Force, Kasauli. So you have to follow some

important rules of the place while visiting Man-Ki-point (मन की पॉइंट).

About Man-ki-point, Kasauli

This is at a height of 8572 feet and having temple of Lord Hanuman. Reason to be called as मन की पॉइंट

is because people have belief that if you wish anything here it will complete.  Also according to some incidents of


 Important rules to be followed while visiting Man-Ki-point.

As told earlier this comes under the jurisdiction of Indian Air Force strategic center Kasauli.

  • All the electronic gadgets are prohibited in this area. Gadgets like Mobile (All types), Pages, Camera all types, luggage, bags etc only wallet is allowed.
  • Be in discipline and don’t go here and there in the campus.
  • Don’t do any vigilance, spy activity; otherwise you will be legal problem.
  • The security guards have very clear instructions to shoot if you found someone doing illegal activities.

Important pointers before going to Man-Ki-point

  • Take Water bottles and normal medicine
  • Don’t go if you have heart problem or any health issues.
  • Be aware of Moneys there. Don’t take out food items from the bags etc.

2: Sun Set Point – Kasauli

This is the point where you can enjoy more clear view of sun set. Nothing much special at this location and it

will take nearly 10-15 minutes to enjoy this place.

In mountain region you can enjoy sunset and sunrise point at any location which is on good height and no

building is there.

Evening View in Kasauli
Evening View in Kasauli

3: Sun Rise Point – Kasauli

As same like sun set this is also just an location a height where you can enjoy the rise of sun behind the

mountains. You can enjoy this also from any location in Kasauli.

Sunrise View in Kasauli
Sunrise View in Kasauli

4: Christ Church – Kasauli

There are many places are under heritage property and are prohibited for further constructions. So one the

very old and famous building is Christ Church in Kasauli. Here some shots of John Abraham starer

blockbuster Bollywood Movie, Madras Café were shot.

Here are some images of Church.

Christ Church Kasauli
Christ Church Kasauli

5: Mall Road- Kasauli

As the mall road of Nainital, Bhopal, Shimla, Manali are popular in India, you can also enjoy the

same in Kasauli also. Where many shops are opened of Snacks, cloths, electronics toys etc. offering

Samosa, Tea,  Momos, Jalebi, Rolls etc

Rest nothing other places to see in Kasauli.  So after visiting these places we then moved back to our hotel in

next 10 minutes. We have enjoyed the environment, weather and nature.

Dinner at Hotel Hem Kund , Garkhal.

In Garkhal these is no big restaurant or shop where you can enjoy different cuisines. There only some

small shops for like some snacks etc. So will suggest you to take lunch and dinner in Hotel hem Kund itself.

There prices of lunch and dinner are fair enough.

So after our dinner, we took a sip of tea and enjoyed our balcony view.

Some glimpses of our balcony view from Hotel Hemkund, Garkhal.

Kasauli Morning View From Baclcony
Kasauli Morning View From Baclcony

Next Day Trip to Shimla.

On the very next day we took same local bus from Garkhal bus stop to Dharampur, and from there to Shimla.

There are cabs its our choice to choose local bus.

Finally we reached to Shimla – Queen of Hills one of the Top Hill Station Popular in India

Places to Visit in Shimla – Weekend Destination

1: Mall Road – Shimla

This is one of the famous and favorite places to visit in Shimla.  You can enjoy best view from the balcony

of the ridge. Also with the Shimla dresses.

Mall Road Shimla

2: Jakhu Temple – Shimla

This is one of the Famous place to visit in Shimla. Having a statue of Lord Hanuman with height of

nearly 108 meter at the height of 2850 meters on the Top of the hill. You can view this statue even from the

mall road.

This temple was built in earlier than 1831. This is the tallest Hanuman Statue in World. Inaugurated

by  Bollywood star Abhishek Bachhan in 2010.

Jakhu Temple Shimla
Jakhu Temple Shimla

How to go Jakhu temple – Shimla

1 –  By Trolly

This service is available from behind the Church of Mall Road Shimla. Cost of the Trolley for per person is

Rs. 275 from each side. Here are some clicks from Trolley.

Trolley View Shimla
Trolley View Shimla
2 –  By Walk

People having health issues don’t go take auto or trolley to reach their. Auto will drop at 200 meter before.

So suggested to take trolley.

Note: Beware of the monkeys there, and keep all the important things and accessories inside and

tries to don’t carry bags.

3: Local Markets – Shimla

Ladies and shoppers here is the best thing for you. There is local shopping market besides the mall road Shimla

there is a shopping complex where you can buy local things.

4: Church

The most important is the Church where people can view the old architecture and prey for the wishses.

Christ Church Shimla
Christ Church Shimla

5: Auditorium

There is an auditorium just in the middle of the mall road and before the Y. S Parmar park. This auditorium.

Some times some events are going in this auditorium.

6: Y.S Parmar Park

In this park you can enjoy and spend some time with your friend(s). Here is the pick.

Y S Parmar Park In Shimla Mall Road
Y S Parmar Park In Shimla Mall Road

Important/Noticeable places of Mall road Shimla.

There is a waiting hall just the left side of Church on mall road where the scene of Blockbuster Bollywood

movie  3 Idiot shot. The scene is where R Madhavan,  Raju and  discussing how would he knows about

Chanchad(Amir Khan). Here is the scene.

Best Time to Visit Shimla

December –January

This is the peak time, there is huge rush and prices of the things like hotels, cabs etc are little high.

 February – June

This is off time, low rush and also you can enjoy good time here. If you love some separate place then you

will find here.

On the second day we have booked ticket for Super hit Bollywood movie Sui Dhaga starred of Anushka

Sharma and Varun Dhawan in SRS Cinema  Shimla, which is situated above the new bus stand

TutiKandi Shimla.

Our story is continued will share the next day trip in our next post.

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