Bhitargaon Temple – The oldest Hindu Brick Temple in India

Bhitargaon Temple – The oldest Hindu Brick Temple in India


Brick Temple Bhitargaon Temple
Brick Temple Bhitargaon Temple


India a very culturally diverse country taking its all four points, Jammu & Kashmir from North to Kerala in

South, Gujrat from West to Nagaland in East of India. We have different gods for worship and since our

past we have created temples for them which are now world famous.

Hindu a oldest religion of world hence our ancestors have made temples at time also, so we have some of them

still live one of them is Bhitargaon Temple an oldest Hindu temple made up to bricks. This temple is made

somewhere in Gupta Era.


Interesting Facts about Bhitargaon Temple – Ancient Temple


  • Location of Bhitargaon Temple is at Bhitargaon Town near Kanpur City of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Largest Indian Brick temple since the Gupta Era known as Oldest Hindu Temple.
  • Bhitargaon Temple built in 5th Century during Gupta Era.
  • Oldest remaining brick/terracotta Hindu shrine having roof and high shikhar.
  • The Temple is facing east direction, built on square plan with double recessed.


Bhitargaon Temple in 1875
Bhitargaon Temple in 1875


Bhitargaon Temple’s  Information


  • The thickness of the wall of the Temple is 8 feet.
  • The Santum is double story and height from the ground is 68.25 feet.
  • There is no window and Shikhar is steep pyramid.
  • The size of the platform is 36 feet X 47 feet.


Other Temples in world made up to Bricks


  • Po Nagar and Po Klong Garai.
  • Mahabodhi Temple.
  • Sambor Prei Kuk.
  • Rajgir Maniyar Math.
  • Sirpur Laxman Temple.
  • Bishnupur Bankura.


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