Top Facebook Pages in India with Highest number of Fans

As we know facebook is world’s largest social media platform where people can share their views at anytime and anywhere. The current user of facebook in world is nearly 1.2 Billion, so this post is related to the top facebook pages in India audience wise i.e the top facebook pages having largest audience in India.

Glossary & Metrics Overview of Facebook Pages

Before moving ahead to the Top facebook pages in India audience wise are below.

  • Facebook page is a page or say space on facebook where you can create your personal alerts and promote the products.
  • Total Count – Total Count is the count of the Facebook page audience.
  • What is Facebook Monitoring? – This is the use of Social Bakers suites to process the gather data.

Largest Audeince or Fans on Facebook pages of India

This is showing the name of the facebook pages which having largest audience or fans.

  • Narendra Modi – PM of India have total Fans of 4,54, 62, 436.
  • Priyanka Chopra – Bollywood film industry has the total fan count of 4,01, 66,106.
  • Salman Khan – Dabangg Actor of Bollywood Salman Khan is at top 3 with total fans count 3,73, 97264

Fastest-Growing Facebook Pages in India

  • शायरी की डायरी – This page is related to shayari and having new fans +1,24,935
  • Narendra Modi – Its official page of PM Narendra Modi of India and having new facebook fans 35914.
  • Zee News – One of the biggest news channel of India and having new fans +14935 count.
  • T-Series – The 4th largest facebook fan is +13,945.
  • NDTV India – This is competitor of Zee News channel and hence the count is +12,576
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