Gita Press Gorakhpur World’s Largest Publisher of Hindu Religious Texts

Gita Press Gorakhpur

We are feel very proud to write about Gita Press, Gorakhpur . Its world’s largest publisher of Hindu texts. By this post we share some interesting details about Gita Press like – Number of Books Published, number of languages, Gita Press books list, Official Website of Gita Press, Headquarter of Gita press etc.

1. History of Gita Press Gorakhpur

  • Gita Press is world’s largest publisher of Hindu religious texts.
  • Gita Press founded in 1923 by Jaya Dayal Goyenka and Ghanshayam Das Jalan.
  • Foundation Date and Place : 29 April 1923 at Gorakhpur UP.
  • Objective of Gita Press – To Promote Principles of Sanatan Dharam.
  • Gita Press Gorakhpur – Is a unit of Gobind Bhawan Karyalaya registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (presently Governed by the West Bengal Societies Act, 1960).
  • Founding and Life Time Editor of Gita Press – Hanuman Prasad Poddar pen name “Shiv” and also known as “Bhaiji“.
  • Official Website of Gita Press Gorakhpur –

2. Stats and Facts of Gita Press

  • Publishing started in 1927 with 1600 Copies.
  • Publishing reached to 2.5 lakhs in 2012.
  • Number of employees of Gita Press – 350
  • Gita Press archives have 3500 manuscripts and 100+ interpretations of Bhagwad Gita.
  • First printing machine was of Rs.600 installed that time.
  • Number of copies of Gita published till date by Gita press – 410 Million.
  • Number of copies of Ramcharitra Manas published till date by Gita press – 70 Million.

3. Gita Press Publications Languages

  • In more than 16 languages.
  • Language of Publications are – Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Telugu, Oriya, Nepali, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Oriya, English etc.

4. Gita Press Online Services

Gita Vastra vibhag of Geeta press Gorakhpur
Gita Vastra vibhag of Geeta press Gorakhpur
  • Buy Books Online – You Can buy Gita Press Books online.
  • Online Magazine – You can subscribe Gita Press released magazines online.
  • E-Book – Read e-book by Gita Press online.
  • Buy Clothes – You can now buy cloths from Gita Press online.

5. Gita Press Other Services/ Affiliated Organisations

(i) Gita Bhavan – Rishikesh

  • Located at Rishikesh
  • This center has 1000 rooms and halls which are avaialable for free booking for the stay of devotees.
  • Every year in the months of end of April to July day long special satsang programs are arranged.
  • You can enjoy – Simple vegetarian food, kitchen grocery, and items at very moderate prices.
  • You can also enjoy free services like – Laxmi Narayan Temple, free ferry boat services.

(ii) Gobind Bhawan Karyalaya, Kolkata

  • Govind Bhawan karyalya registered in 1928 under societies registration act, 1860.
  • Its departments are – Gita Press, Gita Bhawan, Vedic School, Seva Dal and Aushadhalaya.
  • Objective of his society is to – promote and spread the principles of Hindu religion, help the distressed and poor, impart hindu education.

(iii) Vedic School, Rishikul – Brahmacharya Ashram, Churu

  • This is based on Hindu GuruKul system of learning.
  • 100+ brahmacharis stay in Ashram.
  • Taught – Vedas, Sanskrit, Hindi, English and modern secular.
  • Running free Ayurvedic dispensary at Churu.

6. Departments of Gita Press Gorakhpur

  • Gita Press Seva Dal
  • Sadhak Sangh
  • Nama-Japa
  • Vastra Vibhag.
Departments of Gita Press Gorakhpur
Departments of Gita Press Gorakhpur

7. Gita Press Art Gallery

  • Gita Press art gallery is Lila Charitra Mandir having the lilas (work plays of Sri Ram and Krishna) portrayed in 684 paintings.
  • The whole 700 verses of Bhagvad Gita are displayed on marble plaques.

8. Gita Press Publication Overview

SubjectCopies Sold
Shrimad Bhagvad Gita in different editions1142 Lakhs
Shri Ramcharitamanas & other works by Goswami Tulsida922 Lakhs
Puranas, Upanishads, Ancient Scriptures227 Lakhs
Small books especially for Women and Children1055 Lakhs
Small books especially for Women and Children1055 Lakhs
Bhakta-Gathas (Biographies of Saints) & Bhajans ( Songs) 1244 Lakhs
Others 1235 Lakhs
Total58 Cr 25 Lac

9. Gita Press publishing books in English and various Indian regional languages

LanguageCategory Wise Books by Gita Press
HindiShrimad Bhagvadgita
GujaratiLiterature of Tulsidas
TeluguLiterature of Soordas
OriyaPuran, Upanishad and Others
EnglishDevotee Characters
BanglaBenedictory Publications of Rev. Shri Jayadayal Goyandka
MarathiPublications of Rev. Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar
TamilBenedictory Literature of His Holiness Swami Ramsukhdas
KannadaBooks for Daily Practice and Worship
AssamiyaUseful Books for Children
MalyalamUseful Books for All
UrduColoured Picture Publications
PunjabiRepublished Special Issues of ‘KALYAN’
sanskrit geeta
bhagavad gita in english
shrimad bhagavad gita
bhagwat geeta path
gita press books list
mad bhagwat geeta

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