Top 15 Places to Visit near Chandigarh

Top 15 Destinations to Visit near Chandigarh are popular in India


Now it start of winter vacation of 2018 going to start. You are now looking out places to visit near Chandigarh.

Here we are saying Chandigarh is because many of hill locations like Manali, Shimla, Dalhauise, Mandi etc,

all are very near and you can reach to these top places to see in near Delhi, Chandigarh easily.

Places to See Near Chandigarh Popular in India
Places to See Near Chandigarh Popular in India


Why we recommending to go from Chandigarh


If you are coming from Delhi, Mumbai to Hills of North India either Manali, Lahaul Spiti, Kashmir etc,

you will either come by Cab, Bus in this case you have to travel long distance by these and you will get

exhaust before your travel get starts.

Winter Vacation in Manali
Winter Vacation in Manali

So prefer to reach Chandigarh either by Trains or Flights and from Chandigarh take Cab or Buses.


1: Manali








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