KhatuShayamji God of Kalyug one of the Most Sacred Temple Popular in India

KhatuShayamji God of Kalyug one of the most Sacred Temple Popular in India


Shri KhatuShyamJi Temple, Ringas, Rasjasthan
Shri KhatuShyamJi Temple, Ringas, Rasjasthan


About KhatuShayamji Baba


The very first name “Khatu” is derived from the the name of the village “Khatu” in Sikar District of

Rajasthan where the temple is located. The last name “Shayamji” Synonym with Lord Krishna, hence

Khatushayamji” is worshiped in the same manner.

Khatushayamji – God of Kalyug one of the most sacred temple popular in India or the God of

Marwaris. Here is all about to know about Khatushayamji.


Story of Khatushayamji – Also known as God of Marwaris


There are actually two stories are which are popular in India behind the Khatushayamji or Shayam Baba.

Story 1:


According to some people, this was believed that aftermath of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna had drown the

head of Barbarika in the river named Rupawati with blessings. Barbarika was grandson of Bheem.

Villagers of Khatu found that head after the digging of the burial place. There is one more very interesting

story behind the digging of the burial place is that, on a occassion a cow went nearby to the burial place

and its udder starts flowing of milk spontaneously.


After this incident Roopsingh Chauhan, the king had build a temple there and idol was installed on

the 11th day of Shukla Paksha of the month of Phalgun.


Story 2:


Once wife of Khatu ruler Roopsingh Chauhan had a dream of her deity, where deity instructed to dug
out his idol from the Shyam Kund. The same was done by the ruler and idol was found on the same place.

When Khatushayamji’s Temple Built 


Its originally built in 1027 AD by Roop Singh Chauhan.


Best Time to Visit KhatuShyamji


The best and time popular in India to visit Khatushayamji Temple is 11th Day of Shukla Paksha

of the month of Phalgun i.e in the month of February last week or March First week.


Other Names of Shri KhatuShyamJi Baba


Barbarika – This is the Childhood Name.

Sheesh Ke Daani – Donor of Head.

Haare Ka Sahara – Support of the Defeated.

Teen Baan Dhaari – Bearer of Three arrows.

Lakha Datari – The Munificient Giver. One who never hesitate to give his devotees whatever they need

and ask for.

Leela ke Aswaar –  Rider of Leela.

Khatu Naresh – The King of Khatu.

Kalyug ke Avtar – The God of Kalyug.

Shyam Pyare – The god who love all and all love to him.

Baliya Dev – Dev with Super Power.

Morechandidharak –  The bearer of Stick made of peacock feathers.

How to reach KhatushayamJi Temple, Ringas, Rajasthan


By Train

The nearest railway station to Khatushyamji Maharaj is Ringas. Which is 17 kms from Temple.

By Air

Nearest Airport to KhatushyamJi Temple is Jaipur.

By Bus

Ringas is the nearest bus stop for Khatushyamji Temple.


Places to visit near Khatushyamji Temple, Ringas


Shayam Kund :

The holy pond near Khatushayamji Temple where the Sheesh was found.
It was  believed that a dip in this pond will cure person from various diseases and bring good health.

Shyam Bagichi : 

This is garden near the Khatushayamji Temple from where flowers are picked and offer to the deity.

Gourishankar Temple : 

This is temple of Shiv Ji near khatushyamji Temple.

Distance of KhatushayamJi Temple 

From Ringas – 17 Kms

From Shrimadhopur – 33 kms

From Jaipur – 80 Kms

From Delhi – 280 Kms


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