Frequently Asked Question in RRB NTPC Exam First in India

This post is having the frequently asked questions in the RRB NTPC exam and First in India. If you are preparing for government jobs like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO, Railway RRB NTPC exams, and other Sarkari Naukri exams.

Previous Year Asked Question in Railway RRB NTPC

First In IndiaName of Organisation/Person
The First Bank in IndiaBank of Hindustan (1770)
First General Post Office of IndiaMadras (GPO 1786)
India’s First Plane to be HijackedFokker Friendship Plane (1971)
First talkie Film in IndiaAlam Ara (931)
First Satellite of IndiaAryabhatt
The first state of India implement Panchayati RajRajasthan
District to become India’s First totally electrified districtPalakkad
The city of India to have e-courtAhmedabad
First Indian to win Individual Olympic GoldAbhinav Bindra
First Lunar probeChandrayaan -1 (October)
First dedicated Military SatelliteRukmini (01 G-Sat-7)
First Mars Orbiter Mission5th November, 2013
First Central Agricultural UniversityImphal (Manipur)
First State to attain 100% Primary Literacy LevelKerala

Previous Year Asked Question in Railway RRB NTPC on Uses of Radioisotopes

  • Iodine – 131 – is employed to study the structure and activity of thyroid gland. It is also used in internal radiation therapy for the treatment of thyroid disease.
  • Iodine-123 – is used in brain imagning.
  • Cobalt-60 – is used in external radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer.
  • Sodium-24 – is injected along with salt solution to trace the flow of blood.
  • Phosphorous-32 – is used for leukemia therapy.
  • Carbon-14 – is used to study the kinetics of photosynthesis.

Previous Year Asked Question in Railway RRB NTPC on Metals and Ores

Sodium (Na)Chile Salt Petre(NaNo3),
Common Salt or Brine (NaCl)
Aluminium (Al)Bauxite (Al2O3.2H2O)
Corundum (Al2O3)
Cryolite (Na3.AlF6)
Feldspar (KAlSi3O8)
Potassium (K)Nitre(KNO3)
Epsom Salt (MgSO4. 7H2O)
Calcium (Ca)Calcite (CacO3)
Copper Giance(Cu2S)
Copper Pyrites(CuFeS2)
Silver(Ag)Ruby Silver(Ag2S.Sb2S3)
Horn Silver(AgO)
Zinc(Zn)Zinc Blende(ZnS)
Lead(Pb)Galena (PbS)
Uranium(U)Pitch Blende(Kernatite)(U3O8)

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