Habits that make you Successful

Habits can also become successful and habits can also make you fail.

  • About the health and fitness.
  • Change eating habits .
  • Science says 80% role eating habits 20% role physical activity like (exercise, yoga, dance, gym etc…..)
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Discuss habits

  • Habits can keep you alive for 90 to 100 years (including fitness)
  • Habits invites you to have 50 age of BP, sugar and other health issues.

How are habits made ?

  • Starts a small job, Habits are made (simple)
  • small goals in fitness like daily workout 15 minutes.


  • Some people say 2 times, Some people say 5 times. this is habits
  • Some people like sugar tea, Some people without sugar likes.
  • Some people have healthy eating habits and some people have unhealthy eating habits.
  • Small indiscipline spoil our habits, which reads the effects on our fitness.

Success / frailer definition ?

If you do any work 1 time, you will not be successful and any wrong work done 1 time will not fail.

  • If you do any work repeatedly, you will be successful and if you do any wrong work again and again, you will be successful.
  • If we are healthy then we can achieve everything like (money, business, family etc…)
  • If you are not healthy, you cannot enjoy life.
How to achieve habits in fitness ?
  • Why to do, what to do to do (learn, notes, practice )
  • Decide 3 good habits life change.

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