Most Popular Surnames in India

Most Popular Surnames in India

India world’s 2nd most populated country in world after China, having 1.35 Billion people. As you know

India having more than 28 states and Union Territories, 22 Official Languages and unofficially its more

than 250, more than 9 world known religions, India is a unique country in the world.

Most popular surnames in India
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Now out of this high diversity did you know the most popular surnames in India? Is it no, below

is the list.

Surname is called as last name or family name which indicates person’s family, tribe, community and in

some cases caste or religion in India surname purely defines caste in Hindi जाति.

So here is the list of most popular Surname or caste in India.

1 Kapoor

Everybody knows this surname most popular in India. Maximum of our bollywood actor and actresses have

their surname. Top Bollywood actor and actresses having surname Kapoor : Anil Kapoor,

Bonny Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Shardha Kapoor etc.

2: Sharma

This is one of the most common and surname popular in India. Some of the celebrities having their surname

as Sharma are : Rohit Sharma India’s Top batsman who have scored 300 thrice, then, Neha Sharma very

beautiful actor of bollywood.

3: Verma

This is another most popular surname in India after Kapoor and Sharma, also we have listen the casual

talks of Sharma Ji and Verma Ji.

4: Acharya

This Brahman Hindu surname comes from vedic period word Acharya आचार्य.  They are professional in

today’s category faculties.

5: Khan

Who in India don’t know this surname the one of the top most popular surname in India. Here is

the list of celebrities popular in India like Irfan Khan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh khan etc.

6: Oberoi

This surname feels like rich people because generally this title guys have have more money hence one of

the most popular surname in India.  People having surname Oberoi are Oberoi Hotels, Bollywood actor

Vivek Oberoi and his father Suresh Oberoi.

7: Aggarwal

This title is entrepreneur’s title and one of the most popular surname in India. The every guy having

this surname having the entrepreneur mind if you check maximum of the companies and brands owned

guys have Aggarwal title. Some of the famous people are Sunil Mittal CEO Airtel, Ritesh Aggarwal CEO

Oyo Rooms, Laxmipati Mittal owner of worlds largest steel manufacturer.

8: Khatri

This surname is synonym for Kshatriya. One of the 5 major castes in Hinduism and popular in India.

9: Reddy

This caste found in South India and popular in India. This surname is popular for good administration.

10: Chaudhari/Chaudhury

This surname is generally used by the  head of community and one of the most popular surname in India.

If we look in history we found this surname was given to the leaders. Also this surname is popular in both

Hindu and Muslim.

Having said that in India there are unlimited communities, tribes so many surnames are available but we

are mentioning only the most popular surname in India.

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