North Sentinel Island the Most Isolated Place in World not Popular in India

North Sentinel Island the Most Isolated Place in World not Popular in India


North Sentinel Island is part of Andaman Islands which includes South Sentinel Island in Bay of Bengal

of India. This Island is home to Sentinelese, the most Isolated place in world not popular in India.


North Sentinel Island India's most Isolated Place
North Sentinel Island India’s most Isolated Place

About North Sentinel Island  in Andaman Island


  • Location – South Andaman Administrative District
  • Union Territory – Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  • Area – 59.67 Square Kms.
  • Coastline – 31.6 Kms
  • Highest elevation – 122 m (400 fts.)
  • Population – Highly uncertain varies between 40-400.
  • Ethnic Group – Sentinelese.
  • PIN Code : 744202
  • ISO Code – IN-AN-00
  • Average Summer Temperature – 30.2 degree C
  •  Average Winter Temperature – 23 degree C


About North Sentinelese India’s most non Popular people


Sentinelese,  the residents of this Islands have rejected the any contact with the worlds and remain untouched

they are not popular or untouchable people in India and world because of this resistance. They are

like this by more than 1000 years. They are come in news only after some violent activities if any one comes

near their Island. Recently happened when an American want to go their in November 2018.


World Most Unfriendly People In World
World Most Unfriendly People In World

According to some experts this place and people of North Sentinel is most untouchable Isolated place

and people in world and in India. Indian authorities also do remote monitoring only, even do not

prosecute sentielese people on killing  of Non-Sentinelese.

The other indigenous people of Andaman named Onge, were aware of this North Sentinel Island’s existence.

The level of Isolation is such that when the Indian Coast Guard and Indian Navy went there to check the

impact of Tsunami in 2004 the people of North Sentinel Island attacked on their helicopter by

bow and arrows.


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