Famous and Popular Buddhist Site in India is Kushinagar

Famous and Popular Buddhist Sites in India is Kushinagar

Yes Correct, one of the famous and popular Buddhist sites in India is Kushinagar. In this post we are sharing various information about Kushinagar like what is its earlier name in pre-Mauryan and post-Mauryan, top places to visit in Kushinagar, top hotels in Kushinagar, how to reach Kushinagar, Kushinagar newly developed airport which is international, and many more. so keep reading this post and also share some updated information about Kushinagar. #vocalforLocal #UPTOURISM #BuddhistPlaces #LordBuddha #KushinagarAirport History of Buddhist Site Kushinagar Kushinagar earlier pre-Buddha period known as Kusavati and Kushinara…

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