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Extended warranty for TVs and Home Appliances


We always looks for best deals having low or discounted prices on online shopping sites like Flipkart,

Amazon India, Snapdeal,  Shopclues etc.  Mostly the middle class family (comes under Middle Income

Group) is looking best deals in competitive prices with good warranty or Grantee.

In these days we all try to use our Televisions and Home appliances for long time. Appliances like TVs,

Refrigerator, Air Conditioner etc.  Now Flipkart – India’s largest online shopping site is providing additional

warranty on TVs and Appliances which safe our appliances after the warranty of manufacturer. He is the

complete details how we can extend or purchase the extended warranty on home appliances and use our

home appliance to more days.


TVs and Home Appliances Flipkart on extended warranty
TVs and Home Appliances Flipkart on extended warranty

All about the extended warranty


What is extended warranty


Before going forward let’s know what is warranty : Warranty is known as “a written guarantee, issued to

the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary

within a specified period of time.”

Now as when and wherever we purchase any product mostly home appliances like TVs, Refrigerators, Air

Conditioners, mixers and other we first look what is the warranty is given by the manufacturer to us.

Questioned raised is Till what time this appliances will work efficiently, what if the warranty is end and many

other questions.

Now you don’t have to worry, about this low duration warranty. Mostly the brands are providing warranty for

one year, 12 months, or 2 years but now after merger with Walmart Flipkart is offering best deals in extension

of warranty on TVs and home appliances. You can avail this best offers. This is best deal or offer share by

Flipkart when Navaratri shopping sale 2018 or Dussherra festival sale 2018 and Diwali sale 2018

and shopping is going to live in next 2 months.

So now the question 1 Billion worth question is what is extended warranty : Flip kart is now providing

in warranty of TVs and Home appliances after the end of warranty provided by the Manufacturer wow.

That mean your appliances are now safe for 12 or 24 months more and this is on the basis of purchase policy.


Check the TVs under extended Warranty


Reason why to opt for extended warranty

  1. Comprehensive Coverage – Covers breakdown for all electrical and mechanical parts.
  2. Convenience – Free pickup and drop service
  3. Refund Gaurentee – Cost refunded if the the product is not repaired in 30 days.
  4. Longer Life – Use your TVs and Home Appliances for an extra 12 or 24 months.


Check the Appliances under extended warranty on Flipkart 


How to Buy TVs and home Appliances with extended warranty on Flipkart


  1. Select option to purchase Extended warranty while buying TVs and Home Appliances
  2. Make the payment for the extended warranty plan while purchasing TVs and Appliances.


Important point to note : Extended warranty can only be purchased while buying TVs & Appliances.


It can’t be bought after the purchase. So be careful if you are purchasing TVs and Home Appliances.


View TVs under extended warranty – Check Now


View Appliances under extended warranty – Check Now


How to Claim extended warranty

  1. Inform Flipkart about the defect within 7 days of occurrence at 1800-4252-5252.
  2. Submit product invoice copy, EW warranty and ID proof to extendedwarrenty@jeeves.com
  3. After verification , a trained engineer will be sent for site visit.
  4. If issues still remains , Jeeves will arrange for your product to be sent to a repair center.
  5. Device to be repaired or replace with in 30 days.


View Appliances under extended warranty 


Stages Post repair

  1. If product cannot be repaired, you will be provided with option for replacement or return without repair.
  2. If claims exceed sum assured, choice of return without repair will be given.


Find latest smart Televisions under extended warranty – Button


What is not covered in extended warranty.


  1. Any defect caused due to accidental damage or liquid damage.
  2. Any defect which is outside purview of the Manufacturer’s warranty.
  3. Defects caused due to improper usage, or usage beyond recommended by manufacturer.
  4. Attachments and accessories that are not standard product.
  5. Unauthorized modifications or services.
  6. Normal maintenance, wear and tear, cleaning, lubrication or routine service.


For more information visit Flipkart site : Button

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  1. Sanjeev sareen

    I have purchased extended warranty of my Thomson Led TV, upto Oct 21,now Led is faulty since 25th of May, I contacted $ mailed to Thomson n Jeeves support no satisfactory response taken by them
    I called to customers care of flipcart on 23rd June they also not responded

    1. Swati Tiwari

      Hi Sanjeev,

      Sorry for the delay in response. We are not associated with any of them(Flipkart or Jeevas) support team, but we will try to help you with this. The delay response from them is also due to the covid19 impact so I request you to please use Twitter or Facebook’s official page to contact them, through which they can be contacted.

  2. Mangapathi

    I have purchased Kodak smart led tv in 2018 with extended warranty for 2years, I had problem to view YouTube, I request Flipkart on this problem, they send the service engineer and he with the help of technical team, they have completely switch off the tv. This was happening in Jan 2020, still now their was no response from Jeeves and as well as from Flipkart. Due to covid19 Jeeves stop even answer the calls.
    This is worest product and experience .when I call Kodak tv customer care, an worest answer 1 warranty complete.
    This was the reason people never encourage product of maid in India.

    Still I am send mails and we receive one single message waiting for part.

    Instead of waiting for the part they may even replace the tv itself.

    I am giving my details if Kodak need to answer my problem.

  3. Nitin

    Samsung led tv tacnichin nahii vejit hova

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