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This post is about the latest coupons on computers and its accessories. So if you or anybody of your friends looking for laptops for home, office, or personal use laptops and its accessories like mouse, keyboards, scanners, joystick, RAM, Memory, Pendrive, etc. must check this post for the latest offers and discounts coupons Popular in India.

Types of Computers or Laptops

Computers or Laptops are categories mainly in 3 categories mentioned below.

1: Micro Computers

Microcomputers are digital computers used by individuals which also named Personal Computers(PC) and are small in size. They are generally used in homes, schools, and offices, etc. Eg. Laptops, Palmtops, Notebooks, Desktop.

2: Mini Computers

Mini computers are powerful than micro computers but are less powerful than mainframe computers. Mini computers are multiprocessing computers and manage 4 to 200 users at a time.

3. Mainframe Computers

This type of computers are used for handling major applications in large business organisations. These computers can handle large databases. They are huge and highly expensive.

4. Super Computers

Supercomputers are the more powerful computers in terms of applications and performance. They are capable of handle large users at a time. These computers are used in NASA, launching shuttles, controlling them.

Super Computers in India

Supercomputer NameYearManufacturing company
PARAM Sarita2007C-DAC, Pune
EKA2007Computational Research Laboratory, Pune
Aaditya2013IITM, Pune
PARAM ISHAN2016C-DAC and IIT Guwahati
PARAM Kanchenjunga 2016C-DAC and NIT Sikkim
Pratyush2017IITM, Pune

Important Components of Computers

1: Input Unit

Input unit used for the entry of data in the computer. The basic work of input device is to enter the data in the system by converting man-made language into machine understanding language.

  • Keyboard – By this, we can enter the alphanumeric data to the machine.
  • Mouse – It is a pointing device by which the user can enter the graphic and arrow marking method.
  • Trackball – This is another replacement for the mouse.
  • Joystick – It is an input device which can move in all the direction.
  • Scanner – It is an optical input device by which users can enter the data.

2: Output Unit

This is the very important unit of the computers where the data or information is showing to the users in their acceptable format.

  • Monitor – This is a visual display unit of the computer with which the user can get the output against the data visually.
  • Monitor Type: LCD, LED, TFT, 3-D monitor, and Printer are the type of visual display unit.

Memory Unit

This section of the computer is showing the memory and its types so there are 2 type of memory which are mentioned below.

Primary Memory –

This is the main memory of the computer where the data is currently used by the computer. It is of twp types.

1: RAM: Random Access Memory

RAM is a volatile memory that losses the data once the machine is switched off. This is fast as the data is at the use.

2: ROM : Read only Memory

ROM is non-volatile memory where the data is saved for a longer time and not erased even after switched off the device. This is a little slower than the RAM.

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