Best Tips For Weight Loss

Many people make diet followings for weight loss, yet they do exercise, yet no result comes, so let’s know 5 best tips what is weight loss for fat loss?

  • The world’s top science says that 80% of the role should be of food and 20% of role should be of physical activity.

5 Basic Tips Weight Loss / Fat Loss


    Protein should be taken in full because protein is the first nutrition of the body, where will protein come from?
    Lentils, beans, milk, soy, fish etc…
    But do not take fatty proteins


    It is very important to take care of calories, because the general people do not pay attention to the food and drink, due to which the fat is stored in the body and they are overweight, due to which the health issues are increased. like
    B.P, Sugar etc….


    Carbohydrate is very important to pay attention to, but which carbs?

    There are 2 types of carbohydrate, simple cabs and complex carbs.

    Simple Carbs – All the white colored foods are available in simple cabs like White Rice, White Bread, Maida etc.
    Complex Cabs – Color is full fruit and vegetable, they come in all complex cabs like Brown Rice, Brown Bread, etc.
    If weight loss is to lose fat, avoid simple cabs and intake complex cabs.

  4. 5 MEAL PLAN

    The most important point is to eat 5 times, to eat 3 major meals, and to take health snacks 2 times, to have health snacks after 3 hours of the Morning Breakfast, then after that 2-3 gaps of lunch, 2 to 3 hours gap after that. Healthy snacks after dinner
    It is to be remembered that you have to eat 5 times but what to eat is to eat good food. Avoided junk food like burger, pizza etc…


    Exercise is very important for our fitness. Many people think that if you get fitness without exercise, then you are absolutely wrong. Weight loss will happen but there will be no energy in the body, then it is necessary to eat 80% of the role and 20% role of the exercise. There should be at least 30 minutes of workouts per day.


We Are Not A Doctor Nor Claim To Cure Any Diseases, We Are A Health Wellness Coach

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