National War Memorial of India

India’s first National War Memorial inaugurated by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on 25th February 2019, which he promised to his people in 2017 to build India’s first National War Memorial which is dedicated to our brave soldiers who lost their lives for the people of India, their safety and sovereignty.
This National War Memorial popular in India & listed on top places must see in Delhi.

National War Memorial Of India
National War Memorial Wall

Is it really True that this is the India’s First National War Memorial?

Yes, that’s very true, this is the India’s first National Level War Memorial though India got her Independence 71 years back but we don’t have any National Level War Memorial as like USA(United States of America), Russia have.

Its was our beloved and Popular Prime Minister of India who though first to create a memorial which shows the valor, proud, and sacrifices done by our brave soldier who lost their lives for us in various wars fought by them to save our countries’ security and sovereignty.

Where the National War Memorial of India is located?

The National War Memorial of India is located in the center of Delhi and Heart of India, its National Capital, Delhi in the vicinity of India Gate to honour our Armed Forces who lost their lives for our country India.
Must Visit with your Children whenever you are in Delhi to see this place and tribute to the great Martyrs of India.

Who conceptualized or designed the National War Memorial?

The Chief architect of National War Memorial is Ar. Yogesh Chandrahasan of WeBe Design lab, Chennai. He won the global contest done for the conceptualization of architect design.

He said “The whole concept is based on the thought that the war memorial should be a place where we don’t mourn death, but celebrate the life of the soldiers and pay respect to the sacrifices made by them.”

Special Details about National War Memorial of India

  • Its India’s First National War Memorial. Must visit this place once in your life with your family, friends and Children.
  • The National War Memorial and Museum costs Rs.500 Crore ($70 Million).
  • This is made near the existing Chhatri or canopy near India Gate.
  • This having names of Martyrs of wars fought by India and various operations done by our Armed Forces in past since 1947-48, 1961(Goa), 1962(China), 1965, 1971, 1987(Siachen), 1987-88(Sri Lanka), 1999 Kargil and operations like Operation Rakshak.
  • Area of Memorial 14 Acre north of India Gate, Delhi.
  • This National War Memorial having 3 rings.
  • This war memorial having list of names of 26000 brave soldiers who lost their lives for us.
  • Also having the names of 21 recipients of Paramveer Chakra, the highest award of India given to any soldier, out of 21, 3 of them have received this award live.

Here are some awesome views of National War Memorial

Painting of War's Actions at National War Museum
Painting of War’s Actions at National War Museum
ParamVeer Receipt's at National War Memorial
ParamVeer Receipt’s at National War Memorial
National War Memorial in Night
National War Memorial in Night

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

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