Battle of Saragrahi – History’s Greatest Last Stands

The Battle of Saragrahi history’s greatest last stands, great saga of great warriors of Sikhs was fought on 12 September 1897 between 36th Sikhs(Now 4th Battalion of the Sikh Regiment of Indian Army) of British Indian empire and Afgan Tribes. The great Sikhs warriors fought on behalf of British Indian Army and against Pastun Orakazi tribesman.

Why is called one of the greatest last stand fight?

our brave 21 Sikhs of 36th of Sikh regiment who stationed at an army post and were attacked by 10000 – 12000 Afgans. The great warriors, led by Havildar Ishar Singh, chose to fight to the death and they did. They fought bravely till there last breath.

Who Celebrates Battle of Saragrahi as Saragrahi Day

The then 36th regiment of Sikhs is now 4th battalion of Sikh regiment of Great Indian Army commemorates the battle every year on 12th September as Saragrahi Day.

Location of Battle

Tirah, North-West Frontier Province, British India (modern day Pakistan). Saragarhi was a small village in the border district of Kohat, situated on the Samana Range, in present-day Pakistan. On 20 April 1894, the 36th Sikhs of the British Indian Army was created, under the command of Colonel J. Cook.
It was entirely composed of Jat Sikhs. In August 1897, five companies of the 36th Sikhs under Lieutenant Colonel John Haughton were sent to the northwest frontier of British India (modern-day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and were stationed at Samana Hills, Kurag, Sangar, Sahtop Dhar and Saragarhi.

Location of Site of Saragrahi

Order of Merit in the Battle of Saragrahi

The 21 Sikh non-commissioned officers and soldiers who died in the Battle of Saragarhi were from the Majha region of Punjab and were posthumously awarded the Indian Order of Merit, at that time the highest gallantry award which was equivalent to Victoria Cross and equivalent to today’s Param veer Charka.

Sikh Reg Soldiers Sikh soldiers Circa 1890

The Name of great Warriors of battle of Saragrahi are.

  • Havildar Ishar Singh (regimental number 165)
  • Naik Lal Singh (332)
  • Lance Naik Chanda Singh (546)
  • Sepoy Sundar Singh (1321)
  • Sepoy Ram Singh (287)
  • Sepoy Uttar Singh (492)
  • Sepoy Sahib Singh (182)
  • Sepoy Hira Singh (359)
  • Sepoy Daya Singh (687)
  • Sepoy Jivan Singh (760)
  • Sepoy Bhola Singh (791)
  • Sepoy Narayan Singh (834)
  • Sepoy Gurmukh Singh (814)
  • Sepoy Jivan Singh (871)
  • Sepoy Gurmukh Singh (1733)
  • Sepoy Ram Singh (163)
  • Sepoy Bhagwan Singh (1257)
  • Sepoy Bhagwan Singh (1265)
  • Sepoy Buta Singh (1556)
  • Sepoy Jivan Singh (1651)
  • Sepoy Nand Singh (1221)

Remembrance and Legacy

The epic poem “Khalsa Bahadur” is in memory of the Sikhs who died at Saragarhi. The battle has become iconic of eastern military civilisation, the British Empire’s military history and Sikh history.

In Indian Army it has been pushing for the battle to be tought in India’s School. It taught due to the heroism shown by the Indian soldiers to act as inspiration for young children.

Saragrahi Memorial at Ferozpur

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