Online Doctor Consultation is now Popular in India

Hey Friends, covid19 has affected us very badly and because of that many of us faces many problems while consulting to doctors with old diseases or health issues many of the doctors were engaged in the Covid task force to help people this lead to Online Doctor Consultation and is now popular in India. Here are complete details about the Online Doctor Consultations.

Companies doing Online Consultation

In today’s Day many of the companies are not doing Online Consultations and you can book your appoint with Doctor online right from your home and from you mobile. Companies right now providing Online consultancy are MFine, Zandu which is purely for Ayurveda, 1Mg, Medlife etc.

Type of Online Doctor Consultancy

  • Book Online Appointment with Doctor right from your smart phone.
  • You can connect via voice call
  • You can connect via video call.
  • You fix consult doctor for medicine
  • You can do lab test and sample collection from your home.
  • and many other service, go through complete page of this post.

Process to do appointment

  • You have to first download the app of the company like Mfine, 1Mg, Medlife or Zandu
  • Secondly, you have to do registration so simple 4 fields to be filled by you like name, phone, email, and age.
  • Then you have to select the specialist doctor as per the symptoms.
  • Fix Your time and connect with the doctor as per the online appointment.

Benefits of Online Doctor Consultancy

  • You need not go outside of your home.
  • You can book the online appointment right from your home.
  • You need not to go in crowded places, markets and hence will be safe from corona infection.
  • You need not wait outside the doctor’s clinic for your turn.
  • You can do whatever your work till your appointment time.
  • All the things will be done personally.
  • The last the big one is you will save your money and time in using the transportation to reach the doctor’s clinics.

1: Consult Doctors Online Instantly

  1. Zero registration fees
  2. FREE follow-up
  3. HINDI, TELUGU & ENGLISH speaking doctors
  4. Video consult, call, or online chat with the doctor
  5. Instant, safe and secure
  6. Choose from Online Doctors across 30+ specialties

2: Health Assessment

  1. Zero pick up charges
  2. 20+ lifestyle & condition-based health check packages
  3. FREE sample pick-up
  4. Get Online reports within 24-48 hours
  5. Highest safety standards followed
  6. Includes Online Consultation with Doctor

3: Online Consultation- Call or Chat with a Doctor

  1. Choose your symptoms (like acne, pcod, high bp, high blood sugar, etc.)
  2. Select an online doctor of your choice (like gynecologist, dermatologist, cardiologist, etc.)
  3. Start your doctor consultation securely via chat, audio, or video call
  4. Follow-up with the doctor for 5 days for free

4: At-Home Health Checks-Ensuring best hygiene and safety standards

  1. Select a health check test
  2. Choose your preferred NABL-accredited lab
  3. Pick your preferred date, time, and address
  4. Sample gets collected from the address provided
  5. Health reports uploaded on the app within 24-48 hours
  6. Get personalized doctor consultation online

Here is the Type Symptoms and Type of Doctor to be Connected for Online Colsultation

Symptoms 1 –

  • Common cold, fever, headache, vomiting
  • Child nutrition, growth & development, autism
  • Irregular periods, PCOS, thyroid
  • Acne, hair loss, eczema, hives
  • Weight loss, weight gain, diabetes diet

You can Connect with Get Primary Care from Physicians, Pediatricians, Gynecologists, Dermatologists, Dietitians

Symptoms 2 –

  • Diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis
  • Heart problems, breathing issues
  • Neurological disorders, cancer

You can Connect with Get Primary Care from Diabetologists, Cardiologists, Neurologists, Pulmonologists, Orthopedicians, Oncologists

Symptoms 3 –

-Gas, acidity, constipation
-Appendix removal, hernia, piles surgery
-Kidney stones, UTI
-Dental issues

You can Connect with getting Primary Care from General Surgeons, Gastroenterologists, Urologists, Nephrologists, Dentists after Expert Online Doctor Consultation

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